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FASS Hydroglass (Extreme Water Separator) XWS-3002

FASS Hydroglass (Extreme Water Separator) XWS-3002

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SKU:Part # XWS-3002

FASS Fuel Systems XWS-3002 Extreme Water Separator (XWS-3002)

Product: FASS Hydroglass (Extreme Water Separator)
Manufacturer: FASS
Manufacturer Part #: XWS-3002
Fitment: Universal

The FASS Extreme Water Separator removes over 99% of the water found in diesel fuel (3rd party verified), and is rated @ 2 microns absolute. The reason our water separator no longer features a drain, is that the water is trapped by the element itself!

This XWS-3002 MUST be used in conjunction with the PF-3001—the new filters cannot be used in combination with the FF-3003/FF-3010 or FS-1001/FS-1020 When replacing the discontinued filters with the new XWS-3002 and PF-3001, the XWS-3002 will now be placed on the pressure side of the pump and the PF-3001 will be placed on the suction side.

Please Note: See the location diagram on the new filters for proper filter placement!

Prop 65:  WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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