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S&S Diesel Gen2.1 2011-2022 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L CP4.2 Bypass Kit with Return Filter Assembly S&S-CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1

S&S Diesel Gen2.1 2011-2022 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L CP4.2 Bypass Kit with Return Filter Assembly S&S-CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1

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SKU:Part # S&S-CP4-6.7LF-BP-G2.1

The new Gen 2.1 S&S 6.7L Ford Power Stroke CP4.2 Bypass Kit, or commonly called the “Disaster Prevention Kit,” does exactly what the nickname implies, it prevents the disastrous consequences of an inevitable CP4 pump failure from destroying the rest of a very expensive high-pressure fuel system.

  The S&S Diesel Motorsport Gen2.1 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Bypass Kit features all quick connect lines that will eliminate the need for cutting the factory supply line, which is a debris introduction point, especially if the cut is not thoroughly deburred. It also eliminates the need to use a compression fitting, which is a potential leak point. The OE-style quick connect lines also eliminate any threaded joints that are further leak points and have the potential of generating debris during install.

 The main task of both kits is to supply the CP4 case and the metering unit/plungers independently with clean, filtered fuel, and to reroute case fuel back to the tank. There are two major improvements in how the Gen2.1 kit accomplishes it. The Gen2.1 fuel supply is split off into two separate lines 25 inches from the CP4, which will eliminate the chance of contaminated case fuel back-feeding into the clean fuel supply line. The original bypass kit splits off within an inch of the pump, and is more susceptible to debris back-feeding, if the CP4 failure produces enough debris to clog the fuel return system. The other improvement is what happens to the debris when it exits the pump case. The Gen2.1 kit features a billet return filter head that accepts a readily available Donaldson P550943 spin-on fuel filter which prevents debris from reaching the tank, fuel lines, and supply pump. Previously, unfortunate victims of a CP4 failure, with the good fortune of having an original bypass kit installed, would still need to drop the tank and deal with all the debris created by the failed CP4.

 One would think that major improvements would come at a major price increase. Having a clear understanding of common rail diesel fuel systems, and decades of OE engineering experience, enabled the engineers at S&S to make improvements without increasing production costs. Thanks to efficient design and use of material, the S&S Diesel Motorsport Gen2.1 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Bypass Kit (#CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1) delivers much more value than the original, for an affordable price. There’s no longer a need to distinguish what year the truck was made, the new Gen2.1 Bypass Kit will fit 2011 and up Ford Super Duty pickup trucks with the 6.7 Power Stroke Diesel engine.


S&S Gen2.1 Disaster Prevention Kit Features:

  • New and improved Disaster Prevention Kit
  • Safeguards fuel injectors, rails, lines, and tank from CP4 debris
  • All OE-style quick connects.
  • 9-micron (at 99% efficiency) return filter
  • Fuel supply split-off 25 inches away from the CP4 pump
  • 2011+ compatibility
  • Made in the USA

Shipping Restrictions: This part is NOT available to ship to the state of California.

Prop 65:  WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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